The photoshoot boldly reimagines fashion by featuring diverse body types as TUMbelina, Princess & the 'P', and SINderella. Celebrating diversity and showcasing size-inclusive fashion designers, it challenges mainstream beauty norms, providing a platform for self-expression that entertains, educates, and inspires. The trio of princesses narrate a story previously untold, creating space for beauty in forms that are often overlooked. 

Creative Director & Set Designer: Chaewon Kong
Concept Designer: Daisy Dawson
Photographer: Patty van den Elshout
Editor: Fabienne Lachevre
Videographer: Hazel Laureys
Stylist: Cato Devilee
Makeup Artist: Alicia Stuifzand
Nails: Bassment Nails
Models: Daisy Dawson, Katharina Freiin Von Stackelberg, Chardonnay Dap
Designers: Lili Jullian (Skirt), Bhumi Clothing (Scarf & Skirt),
Studio Moonbow (Harnesses)