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Chaewon Kong is an artist and designer who seeks to bridge the worlds of fashion and art with a multidisciplinary approach. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences and values, using her art to explore topics related to the body in a way that sparks meaningful conversations. Her artistic style is constantly evolving, but the pillars of poetry, sensitivity, and individuality remain at the core of her work. With her introspective approach and unconventional techniques, including kitschiness, pop culture references, and avant-garde silhouettes, Chaewon strives to challenge traditional notions of beauty and create works that are both inspiring and thought-provoking.

  1. Prada RE-SET
  2. Michaela Stark x SHOW studio
  3. Fashionclash Festival Curation

  1. DDW GS 2023
  2. Dialogues of the Unheard
  3. Fashionclash Festival 2023
  4. Textile Museum x DAE